ENDEVR has released MyID, a customizable medical identification bracelet designed to provide first responders access to a complete and customizable online medical profile through a smartphone or by calling a 24/7 live operator during emergencies.

Josh Taylor of ENDEVR tells NY1 that “we have an online cloud-based profile. It’s more of a modern age medical ID evolved, so that you can put a lot of information about yourself… I keep all my vitals, three emergency contacts and my insurance information, and if something changes, if my telephone number changes or my mom or dad moves, I can update their phone number really easily.”

NY1 also spoke to Dr Marc Bloom, director of Perioperative Technology at New York University, who suggested the device may be useful once a patient is stabilized but not during the first crucial moments.

He believes it might be a few too many steps to retrieve the data. “Is it worth taking the time for how much information you get? Or would, if you’re allergic to bees, just simply having that on the bracelet be enough?” says Bloom. “Depends on, I guess, how complicated your medical history is. Probably a good idea to get to some useful and accurate information in a hurry. I don’t know that the technology is mature enough at this point to guarantee that, but we’re in early stages of this.”

MyID is available in three different colors and a fully adjustable fit for $40. It comes with stickers for car and home, a wallet card and one year subscription to an extended online profile.

Sources: ENDEVR, NY1