Local residents can let the emergency department at Riverside Community Hospital know they’re on the way using mobile app iTriage.

Using the app, patients can fill in relevant information including the nature of their problem and allergies.

Staff at the hospital can use the information to prepare for the patient’s arrival.


Cherie Russell, Riverside Community Hospital spokeswoman, says, “Consumers are on the go 24/7 and want fast, convenient access to health care information and services. The early check-in feature with iTriage offers convenience to our patients when they have an urgent medical need, and allows our staff to begin preparing for their visit.”

If the system works as intended, it could conceivably decrease the time between a patient’s injury and the time they are seen in the ED. At the very least, this would improve the patient’s experience.

iTriage does more than just check patients in to the emergency department. Its functionality ranges from the ability to look up symptoms to managing appointments. For more on iTriage and an exclusive iMedicalApps interview with CEO Peter Hudson, take a look at this article from October.

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