Cureatr is a New York based startup which provides health care providers with HIPAA secure group messaging.

Another entrant into an increasingly crowded field, Cureatr is attempting to bridge the gaps in communication that lead to repetitive testing, poor continuity, and many other weaknesses in how we currently care for our patients. If the interest of investors is any gauge of the potential here, Cureatr has already raised $5.7m in its first round of funding.

The software itself is designed to be as easy to use as text messaging. Its technology syncs with health system directories, scheduling software, and physicians’ existing pagers as well as mobile devices. Cureatr is capable of inter- and intra-organizational group-messaging, meaning that physicians can send messages to providers at other institutions and private practices.


Joseph Mayer, the creator of Cureatr, is currently on leave from his residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York while he develops Cureatr. He was inspired to create Cureatr when he realized early in his career the need for a secure messaging system for physicians.

After creating a minimum viable product, he was able to quickly raise interest among physicians. Davita Healthcare Partners, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, and Albany Medical Center are currently among Cureatr’s users.

Cureatr is available on iOS, Android, and online.

Source: VentureBeat, Cureatr