The Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) and Wellable have partnered to create a Commitment to Action with the purpose of promoting health and wellness across the US through health apps.

CHMI works to implement evidence-based systems and investment strategies to reduce the prevalence of preventable diseases, healthcare costs associated with preventable diseases, and improve the quality of life for people across America.

Wellable is a wellness incentive company that enables health plans, employers, and wellness providers to leverage mobiles apps to implement robust wellness programs.

Through the commitment, Wellable will offer key communities access to their technology platform and allow CHMI strategic partners to leverage their technology to support meaningful health and wellness behaviour change aimed at reducing the proliferation of preventable diseases, lowering medical expenses and increasing productivity. As CHMI CEO Ginny Ehrlich describes the partnership,

“Wellable will play an important part in CHMI’s efforts to improve health outcomes within our communities with this easily accessible analytical tool. The availability of this innovative employee wellness technology builds upon CHMI’s work at the national level on open sourcing the how of health.”

The program will be launched in two phases, initially targeting organizations in CHMI’s four Community Health Transformation sites in Coachella Valley, Central Arkansas, Northwest Florida and Greater Houston. It will then target CHMI’s network of more than 45 strategic partners, which include small employers and Fortune 100 companies, to promote Wellable’s employee wellness solution to their employees.

Source: Wellable