As a result of growing pressures on healthcare providers to see more patients, the time that a patient spends with their provider is decreasing.

Obviously, this has the potential to lead to a decrease in the quality of care. To tackle this problem, Dr. Richard Awdeh, Head of Executive Medicine at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, founded CheckedUp.

It is an mHealth solution that aims to decrease the gap in communication between doctors and patients.

“Our goal is to make the care process as transparent as possible. Mobile technology has revolutionized the way that we communicate within our communities, yet communication so crucial to modern healthcare continues to lag,” says Awdeh.

CheckedUp allows doctors to customize how they continually communicate with and educate their patients throughout their care. Patients can also customize the way they view the information.

Currently, CheckedUp is running IRB-approved clinical trials in multiple ophthalmic clinics with data from more than 300 patients collected.  According to Dr. Awdeh, “this growing body of data confirms that patients who use CheckedUp are more informed about their condition, better equipped to make choices about their surgery options, and better able to adhere to care instructions in the postoperative period.”

Their first platform launch is planned for early 2014.  It will serve ophthalmologists and their patients.

Sources: CheckedUp, Business Wire