Surgical training in the UK is very much regulated by a core syllabus.

This syllabus covers all the expected knowledge and outcomes that a surgeon should have at the end of training.

Successful completion of all the aspects of the syllabus is often left to the trainee to manage themselves.

As such, this can lead to problems with job rotations etc.

Now, a recent app aims to make this process somewhat easier in T&O at least.

This has been timed to release shortly after the new ST3 syllabus for orthopedics and is designed for trainers and trainees alike.



The app contains all areas of the syllabus as outlined by the new ST3 guidance. The menu option allows the user to explore each area of the syllabus and mark off each competency according to the standard scoring system. This information is stored locally on the device and can be updated as the trainee progresses. Unfortunately, there is no way to sync this progress online through the app or export the information which can present a problem if the user needs to reset their iPhone/iPad.




On the whole, the user interface is simple and straightforward to use and information is easy to access. There is a section for the trainee which contains information related to all the various requirements of the curriculum as well as short concise sections which describe each aspect of their training program (as shown in the screenshot below).


This section for trainers is shorter but still contains useful information which will help trainers assess trainees. The information in this section is similar to the trainee section; however, the content is focused on guiding and helping the trainers maximize learning.

It is important to note that there is no actual content stored in the app and that it is purely used to measure progress through the training syllabus. However, the ability to carry this around with each individual trainee is useful at many different levels. It is also important to note that this app is really only useful to Orthopedic trainees in the UK system due to the very targeted content within the app.


  • Free


  • All content stored offline for easy access
  • Simple menu-based browser


  • Unable to set ability level for the Professional and Leadership aspects of the curriculum
  • Inability to export/sync progress with an external server/device.


  • The T&O curriculum is an essential addition for any UK orthopedic trainee who regularly uses smartphones. Its aim is to ensure that trainees and trainers have easy access to the syllabus helping them evaluate and monitor their own progress.

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