by Mohamed Elawad

Remaining hydrated throughout the day can be a struggle for not only the most active athletes but even the most desk-bound of us.

Almost half of the US population does not drink enough water and even the most minute losses of hydration can negatively affect bodily functions.

For athletes, remaining hydrated is especially important.  In his recent autobiography, Andre Agassi revealed he would start hydrating for games up to 48 hours ahead of game time. Blu-Fit is a water bottle packed with sensors that connects via Bluetooth to both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Its complementary app monitors the temperature and humidity levels in its surroundings and uses those factors along with the user’s weight and age to calculate how much water the user needs to drink. In addition, Blu-Fit also monitors the times and the amount of water consumed from the bottle.

The user is also notified when it is time to take a drink via an alert sound and the color of the LED’s on the bottle thereby making it unnecessary to have to refer to your phone for alerts. The system can be customized to help users obtain specific goals and for those who are training and have specific medical conditions.

Blu-Fit can be used for more than just drinking, it is also capable of counting laps and repetitions. The developers of the bottle are in the process of integrating Blu-Fit’s software with some of the prominent health and fitness apps and motion trackers.


The bottle itself is made of glass and is dishwasher safe. It is housed in a rubber sleeve that protects it and provides grip for outdoor running. Its sensors and ten-day rechargeable battery are housed in its removable lid. The Blu-Fit campaign was launched this week on Indiegogo with the goal of raising $150,000 in order to make the release of their ‘smart’ water bottle a reality. If successful, the creators plan to release the water bottle at $59 to initial customers in March 2014. More information on the campaign can be found at

Source: Indigogo