by Mohamed Elawad

A toothbrush created from a 3D model of your own mouth has been created by Blizzident.

The creators claim the brush is capable of perfectly brushing all your teeth within six seconds and can also floss and brush your tongue at the same time.

The 3D model used to create your own Blizzident comes from an impression or scan of your teeth from your dentist.

Blizzident bristles are placed on the surface of your teeth and aligned exactly along your gum line. There are also inter-dental bristles between your teeth.


The actual brushing works by simply repeatedly biting and releasing Blizzident quickly and grinding your teeth left-right and backwards-forwards. It is quick because it brushes all of your teeth at the same time. The creators also claim that six Blizzident seconds are equivalent to three minutes of brushing time with a manual toothbrush. This six second claim is based on each individual tooth being scrubbed one at a time by regular brushing.

Blizzident contains holes for dental floss which are perfectly positioned for your interdental regions. Flossing occurs while biting and grinding to brush your teeth. Additionally, a tongue scraper and brush can also be used to clean your tongue at the same.

Blizzident costs $300. More information can be found on their website.

Source: Blizzident