Purpose of App Review

  • How useful is this app for parents to track the growth of their children?


BabyGrow is a medical app geared towards parents to help them track the growth of their children.

The app allows parents to input their child’s height, weight and head circumference at various ages and then plots their child’s growth along the normal growth curve created by the CDC and WHO.

User Interface

When first opening BabyGrow, the app shows a blank screen with options to go to the in-app growth calculator, add a new child, or go to the settings section.

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Choosing the growth calculator option opens a screen similar to the free version of this app called BabyCalc. This screen allows the user to quickly enter the age of their child as well as their weight, height and head circumference and see what percentile their child falls under according to the CDC and WHO. Figuring out how to switch from weight to either height or head circumference is a little confusing since the black boxes at the top of the screen are not labeled. However, this is only an issue if the user is using iOS7 (Each box is labeled on iOS6).

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If the user chooses the option to add a child from the main menu, the app allows the user to enter a child’s name and date of birth.

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Once a child is added, the user can start entering height, weight and head circumference information for that child. A screen allows them to choose the date at which the measurements were made as well as the ability to input the actual measurements. A summary of the measurements are listed under each child.

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By choosing a specific child from the main screen, the user also has the option to see and track their child’s growth on the CDC growth curves. The measurements are plotted for height, weight, head circumference as well as weight over length and BMI. These can be very useful for parents who want to make sure their child is on the right track, especially between doctor appointments. Some changes that could make this app better would be if there was a formal home screen rather than just a menu bar at the bottom of the screen. The app can get a little confusing to navigate when multiple children are added.

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  • $0.99


  • Great app for parents who want to keep track of their child’s growth, especially in between doctor appointments
  • Growth is compared to CDC and WHO curves


  • App can get slightly confusing to navigate when multiple children are added
  • The app could use a home screen to make navigation a little easier

Patients that would benefit from the app

  • This app would be beneficial to parents, especially those with newborns where tracking growth is very important


  • The BabyGrow app is a great way for parents to keep track of their child’s growth pattern. This allows them to be comforted when their child is growing appropriately and also allows them to take action when they feel there may be a growth problem.
  • For parents who use smartphones often, this could be a better option than drawing out their own growth curves or keeping track of growth on scrap paper. However, the app could work on improving the navigation to make the app more user friendly.

Android version of this application

  • Not available at the time of this review

Type of Device used to review app–iPhone 5
Version of App–2.5.5

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 4/5

  1. User Interface: 3/5 – Slightly difficult to navigate when multiple children are added. Could use a home screen to improve navigation.
  2. Multimedia usage: 5/5 – App plots children’s height, weight and head circumference on multiple CDC growth curves.
  3. Price: 4/5- This app costs $0.99 which is worth it for how useful this app could be for parents.
  4. Real world applicability: 4/5 – This app can be used by parents for all of their children to make sure their growth is on track.

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