Purpose of App Review

  • to review the content of the app
  • to analyze the robustness of the app’s features


Pregnancy is a complicated and oftentimes confusing process.

Two simple “half cells” quickly become four and then eight.

Those cells continue to multiply to form an embryo, which–with continued development–becomes a fetus. The Pregnancy Sprout medical app provides an illustrated weekly guide to the changes and developments of pregnancy.

User Interface

Upon first using the app, users can input the due date or the first date of the last period. The app uses this information to provide individualized information and guidance.

2013-08-03 14.28.40

After entering this data or opting to put it in later, the user is brought to the Home screen. Based on the stage in pregnancy the user is at, the Home screen displays an image of what the embryo/fetus looks like.

2013-08-03 14.29.17

Circles on the image denote bullet points of interest and when applicable, the 3D icon allows you to see the embyro/fetus from multiple viewpoints.

2013-08-03 14.29.47 2013-08-03 14.29.54 2013-08-03 14.30.06

The toolbar at the bottom gives you access to the other features of the app, including the image from the Home screen, The Doc Says section, Organizer section, Tools, and More.

2013-08-03 14.30.22

The Doc Says section provides various helpful guidance based on the gestational week. The information discussed appropriately focuses on common questions or concerns of pregnancy. In addition to the written information provided, you can add reminders to your organizer section when the plus icon appears. This information may also be emailed.

2013-08-03 14.31.29

2013-08-03 14.31.18

This section also provides access to the My Pregnancy Timeline that provides milestones, upcoming appointments, and upcoming tests and studies.

2013-08-03 14.30.38

The Organizer section is organized into M.D. Visit Planner, To Do, Newborn Essentials checklist, and Hospital Bag checklist.

2013-08-03 14.30.24

For the checklists, the app provides a pre-populated list in order to add additional items. The M.D. Visit Planner saves the reminders you gave yourself from The Doc Says section, allows you to add appointments, and provides a list of reasonable and relevant questions that could be asked at the doctors. The Tools section includes a Weight Tracker, a Kick Counter, and a Contraction Timer.

2013-08-03 14.30.22

The final section More has links to other apps, the ability to add Facebook and Twitter accounts, change the pregnancy due date information, among others.

2013-08-03 14.30.20


  • $3.99


  • illustrations available with and without bullet points
  • ability to look forward or backward into the pregnancy
  • email capability
  • includes description of and answers on typical questions and complaints of pregnancy
  • ability to individualize app checklists and reminders


  • lack of ability to email images
  • no reference for the images and The Doc Says section
  • focuses on single gestation pregnancies (does not allow for twins, triplets, etc.)

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Healthcare providers of pregnant patients may find this a helpful app to refer to their patients

Patients that may benefit from app

  • Pregnant patients or family/friends of pregnant women desiring to know more about pregnancy


  • The Pregnancy Sprout medical app provides weekly guidance and information on pregnancy and on fetal growth.
  • The app provides an array of images, checklists, illustrated timelines, and helpful information that can guide pregnant women, their partners, family, and friends through pregnancy. These features are done in a way that adds to the doctor/patient relationship and helps better inform patients about important things to ask their providers.

Availability on Android

  • As of publish, not currently available

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

iTunes Link

Rating: 4/5
1. User Interface – 5.  Toolbar allows for easy navigation.
2. Multimedia usage – 4.  Includes smooth transitions, 3D images, illustrations.
3. Price – 3.  Moderate pricing at $3.99
4. Real world applicability – 4.  Could be used daily during a pregnancy.

App version: 2.5.2
Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Optimized for iPhone 5.
Requires: iOS 5.0 or later
Tested on: iPhone 4S

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