Purpose of the Review

In this review we will examine AudioNote for Android as an app for combining notes with recorded talks and lectures.




Medical students and physicians alike always find themselves in meetings and lectures where the ability to scribble down concepts as fast as they can while trying hard not to miss key points becomes vital. Of course, this multitasking skill has its limits and some points might be missed. Note-taking apps can provide the tools needed to make sure that they aren’t.

The iMedicalApps team did a review on AudioNote for iOS and we were impressed by it. Today we will review the work Luminant Software has done for their Android version.

User Interface

As we launch AudioNote, we notice some UI differences from its iOS sibling. The friendly and stylish look of the iOS version has been watered down and so has the toolbar. The toolbar displays the audio recorder controls while the text input controls can be accessed by tapping on the hand icon.

AudioNote for Android

A tap on the red button starts the audio recording and the app time-stamps what you type so it’s synchronized with the audio. The Android version doesn’t seem to have the ability to attach or draw pictures.


The audio quality is not the best and the app crashed several times while we were testing it. However, its greatest downfall is that it lacks any exporting features! The iOS version lets you export via email, iTunes file sharing, Wi-Fi and even Dropbox. Android users are stuck with an app that only plays notes that were created on the Android version. AudioNote Lite also has a five minute time limit per note.

No exporting


  • Lite version for free
  • Full version for $4.99


  • Time-stamping


  • Time limit in Lite version
  • No export feature
  • Crashes frequently
  • Poor audio quality
  • No pencil drawing or attaching pictures


  • While the iOS version of AudioNote shines combining the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder, the Android version fails to hit the mark.
  • It’s possible that the developers are still working on the Android version and will in time include all the features that its iOS counterpart has, but at this moment, we find this app lacking.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  •  No

Full version GooglePlay Link
Lite version GooglePlay Link

Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 2/5

  • User interface – 3
  • Multimedia usage – 2
  • Price – 2
  • Real world applicability -2