Using the power of telemedicine, Children’s Health Fund and the Verizon Foundation have teamed up to provide specialized healthcare to thousands of underprivileged children.

By creating the first mobile medicine clinic with telemedicine capabilities in Miami, pediatric patients are connected with specialists at the University of Miami.

This collaboration combines the expertise of all three of the organizations involved.

Children’s Health Fund is the largest provider of pediatric mobile health care in the US. UM School of Medicine is bringing their established advanced telehealth program and specialists to the table, and Verizon is providing a reliable high-speed 4G LTE connection to the mobile clinic.

This partnership is a shining example of how telemedicine overcomes barriers in healthcare. It demonstrates how telemedicine allows greater access and higher quality care. The program is the beginning of an initiative between the Verizon Foundation and the Children’s Health Fund to use information technology to reach the underserved in major metropolitan areas around the country.

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