Iagnosis has developed a mobile platform for their DermatologistOnCall service on the iPhone. The service allows patients to securely submit images of their personal dermatological concerns (rashes, moles, etc.).

For $69, they promise to have a board-certified dermatologist respond within 3 business days with regards to severity and treatment going forward.

Of course, the dermatologist will recommend that the patient come in for a visit when warranted.

The iPhone app allows the patient to access the same system once they have created an account by going to the website.  This addition is one example of many of medical applications in the telemedicine world going mobile for convenience.

Currently, DermatologistOnCall’s service is only available in Pennsylvania, but Iagnosis assures us that they are “working hard to make [their] services available to patients across the country.”

One caveat is that the patient must agree to follow the recommended treatment plan provided by the service as part of signing up. The question asked is, “Are you willing to adhere to our recommended treatment plan and accept our advice for referral or triage out of our system if we determine your condition would be better managed by an in-office evaluation?”  If the patient selects “No,” they are not allowed to use the system.

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