My go to drug reference app, Micromedex, has been taken off the App Store.  Very unfortunate as it’s used by hundreds of thousands of medical professionals.  If you want to continue using the app, don’t delete it and try to re-install, we’ll explain some workarounds below.

We’ve been getting e-mails from readers and twitter is lighting up with medical professionals who are wondering what’s going on. The following is the message users are getting when they try to open up Micromedex:

photo 2

We’re in the process of contacting MicroMedex to get further details, but the following is an interaction one of our contacts had:

…….just called and said it was an issue between Micromedex and Apple. The app was asking for registration from everyone, so Micromedex took down the Drug Information app. They have to go through the entire process for putting an app in the Apple store. For now, the password they are telling us to use is the one we have for Micromedex Drug Interactions. I’m not sure if this is what they’re doing for everyone, but you can try that and, if it doesn’t work, give them a call. They did not give a date for when the app will be back in the Apple Store.

In the above bold, you’ll see Micromedex is asking for a password to use the app. If you want to know how to get that password, read a post by one of our editors, Tim, from a few months ago: How to download Premium micromedex medical app for free. You can use the password you get from this post for your Micromedex app.

Again, if you try to delete the app and re-install it, you won’t be able to find it on the App Store as it has been pulled.  I made that mistake and am no longer able to use the app.

We’ll send a post later today with an update. If any of our readers have updates, please submit in the comments section.

If you want alternatives to Micromedex for the time being, check out this article.

By the way — Android users aren’t facing this issue as Micromedex is working fine on their phones (I’m sure they are taking glee in this as well!).