One of the most confusing aspects of modern orthopedic surgery is the wide range of classification systems used in fractures.

Fracture classification systems allow surgeons to communicate different fracture types while speaking a common language.

There are a range of different treatment options for various fractures which is often dependent on the classification and type of fracture.

Orthoclass is a mobile application designed for orthopedic surgeons.

It allows them to quickly and easily access a range of fracture classification systems for a wide range of anatomical locations.

Orthoclass is a free app which displays three main options when opening the application.

Users can select Adult Trauma, Child Trauma, or Search for various types of classifications. The user interface is simple and straightforward to use with a series of taps and simple touch gestures to navigate through the menu system.


There is a wide range of fracture classification systems included, covering all range of anatomical locations. Within each anatomical location there is often a range of individual classifications depending on the specific bone that has been injured.



Each classification page contains the definitions of each type of fracture and useful images highlighting the different criteria involved. One particularly useful aspect is the addition of original articles which reference the fracture classification system. One potential way this app could be improved is by linking these articles directly to PubMed. However, this is only a minor contention and does not take away from the overall utility of this app.



It would be nice if users could zoom in on individual images. As you can see from the screenshots, the amount of information supplied  with each classification system is detailed and more than adequate as a mobile reference system on the go.


In terms of improvements, Orthoclass could be improved by the addition of a bookmark function which would allow users to store routinely accessed classifications. It would also be very useful if the application can be updated to include iPhone 5 support.


  • Free


  • Wide range of fracture classification systems
  • Cites original evidence-based articles
  • Search functionality


  • Inability to zoom in on images
  • Lack of iPhone 5 support


  • Orthoclass is a classic medical app which contains a wide range of useful evidence-based information which is accessible at the point of care without the need for an Internet connection. Orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals will find this application incredibly useful and helpful for accurately diagnosing and classifying various fractures.

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