By: Pooja Jaeel

The world of portable ultrasound machines has its newest contender. Teratech has recently released the uSmart 3200T. It is a portable, lightweight tablet that they claim has the full functionality and quality of a larger ultrasound machine.

General Manager of Global Operations, Jeff Sireck says, “ The uSmart 3200T is truly a unique and revolutionary product in the world of portable ultrasound.”

“In our fast-paced technology environment, health care providers require products that can keep up with the ever-changing demands of their hospital or practice. We have developed the first tablet-based system where high technology meets superior performance.”

Indeed, the new tablets boast a weight of 5 lbs, an adaptive touch screen, spacious hard drive, and sharp image quality. This product is especially designed for fast-paced, point-of-care sites–such as emergency rooms and critical care sites. Therefore, the uSmart 3200T is equipped to boot up quickly, work through a remote login system, and comes with a compact charging dock.

Says Sirek, “I am confident that every facility conducting ultrasound exams will benefit from this technology.”

Below is a video of the uSmart 3200T at work:


Source: Business Wire, medGadget