Neuropsychological assessment of IQ is an important element in comprehensive assessment of cognitive abilities. A variety of standardized tests are available to assess IQ.

IQ Pro provides an app that utilizes concepts of fluid intelligence developed by the neuropsychologist Cattell. Cattell’s goal was to develop a culturally independent fluid IQ test that could be used across nations and cultures.

Clinicians commonly need information about patient cognitive abilities in the assessment and treatment of many diseases.

In this review, I will provide information about an IQ estimation app that may be a helpful screening tool for medical professionals.

User Interface

Testing with IQ Pro begins with a screen for subject name and age. Each section begins with a non-timed instruction section followed by a series of timed sections. Users completing sections before the time limit can proceed to the next section. Time for completion of the test is approximately 35 minutes. After completion, a results screen is available with a single IQ estimate number. Results are saved on the device and can be emailed as a JPEG file.

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Evidence to support use

IQ Pro is based on the Cattel Cultural Fair Intelligence Test (CFIT) a validated method of IQ estimation.  IQ estimates using the CFIT correlate highly with results from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WISC). Correlation coefficients for the CFIT are estimated at .62 with WISC verbal subscale, .63 with WISC performance subscale and .72 with WISC full scale IQ. I was unable to find any documentation of the correlation of IQ Pro app test scores with standard CFIT testing but the app appears to simulate the paper version of the CFIT.


  • IQ Pro is free to download and comes with two free tests.
  • Ten additional tests can be purchased for $2.99
  • 100 additional tests are $6.99
  • $9.99 purchases unlimited number of tests across all devices.


  • Ease of administration
  • Convenient length of time for test completion
  • Simple export options for transfer of results across platforms


  • Interface targeted more to a general audience than a medical testing purpose
  • Lack of formal validation of app with standard testing
  • Cattel CFIT does not specifically assess verbal IQ

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Formal neuropsychological testing for estimation of IQ can take hours and comes with a significant cost. Physicians and residents may find this a convenient first step screen for IQ estimation. Such information can be helpful in planning patient education and making recommendations for cognitive rehabilitation and referrals for occupational rehabilitation.

Patients that may benefit from app

  • Patients unable to afford or access formal neuropsychological testing may benefit from this app due to it’s low cost and wide spread availability.


  • IQ Pro is not a substitute for formal neuropsychological testing and consultation with a trained neuropsychologist. Clinicians using this app need to understand the limitations of IQ assessment and proper use of IQ estimates in assessment of cognitive skills. With these limitations in mind, I recommend the IQ Pro app for clinicians needing an easy, inexpensive tool for the estimation of IQs.

Android version of this application

  • No

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

iTunes Link

Rating: (1 to 5 stars)-3.5

Type of Device used to review app-iPad version 3 using iOS 6.1.3 running version 2.10 of the app

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