Purpose of the Review

In this review we will examine Audionote and its free version Audionote Lite to try to assess what value physicians and students can derive from using them.


It’s a well established fact that students who pursue the medical path need to acquaint themselves with the notion that they will spend a lot of their time attending lectures.

In these lectures, they will face the hefty task of scribbling down concepts as fast as they can while trying hard not to miss out on anything else important the professor explains. This juggling approach will not only carry them through their University years but it’s likely that it will continue during their professional lives–as they attend congresses and workshops.

Luminant Software was founded in 2008 and develops consumer and business applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. They’ve developed AudioNote, a note-taking app with audio recording features.

User Interface

AudioNote may seem like your average note-taking app. However, the added feature of synchronizing what you type with what’s recorded is its biggest strength. The screen uses the familiar ruled notebook paper style and looks very friendly.


The top bar displays the audio recorder controls and the text input controls. Tapping on the plus sign creates a new note and you can enter text any time you want. However, if you tap on the red button, the audio recording starts. When this feature is on, the app time-stamps what you type so it’s synchronized with the audio.


We can draw by tapping the pencil icon on the right side of the status bar. We also have the ability to attach pictures or highlight text already typed.

AudioNote can export text and audio via email, iTunes file sharing, Wi-Fi and even Dropbox. Typed text can be exported into a plain text file or a PDF while audio files are saved in a specific AudioNote format which can be opened by either its desktop application (Mac and Windows) and Android version.



  • Lite version for free
  • Full version for $4.99


  • Time-stamping
  • Import and take notes directly on PDF documents (iPad only)
  • Cross-platform


  • Time limit in Lite version
  • Limited sorting options for your notes


  • AudioNote combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time. The fact that AudioNote is cross-platform allows you to open your files in Windows or Android.
  • It’s the perfect app for students or for keeping track of your meetings.

Full version iTunes Link
Lite version iTunes Link

Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 4/5

  • User interface – 4
  • Multimedia usage – 4
  • Price – 4
  • Real world applicability -5