Yesterday many noticed that when they went to look up drug information they were unable to do so via their Micromedex Drug Information app on the iOS platform. Those on Android did not notice anything and this will probably be news to them. In any event, it appears that the issue of the app requesting a password is due to an error on Truven’s part. It occurred when they went to update their Drug Information app, and unintentionally put a password portion into the programming.

As such, the app was yanked from the store and will be updated again as soon as Apple gives it a go. It is unknown when this may happen, but for now there is a quick fix (for some).

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 8.55.08 AM

If your institution has Micromedex 2.0, then you are in luck! From what Truven is recommending, and through experimentation, the password for the Drug Interactions will work in place of the one being asked for in the Drug Information app. For a detailed analysis, please refer to this guide I did in the past. It is about how to get the Drug Interactions and IV Compatibility apps passwords. It will be the same methods, just substitute the Drug Interactions password in for the current time within the Micromedex Drug Information app. However, every time you exit the app, you will have to re-enter the password, so my recommendation is to keep the password available throughout the day.

Hopefully this will help some out there trying to access their Micromedex Drug Information app on their iPhone or iPad, and if we come across any further information we will be sure to add onto this article.