Purpose of App Review

  • To evaluate a consumer-geared health app that could also be useful for health care professionals.


Your Vitamin – Mineral Guide is a sleek app with useful information and sufficient functionality, but lacks the bells and whistles that could make it a forerunner in its market.

The information found in the app on a given vitamin or mineral is replete, although the exact source(s) of information is unclear in the app itself.

Interestingly, further investigation into the app developers does not reveal an answer to the authority question.

The question remains, where is Your Vitamin – Mineral Guide getting its synopses and descriptions?

The app contains the following vitamins and minerals to learn about:




A Ca
B1 Cu
B2 F
B3 Fe
B5 I
B6 K
B7 Mg
B9 Na
B12 P
C Se
D Zn



User Interface

Using Your Vitamin – Mineral Guide is quick and easy. The main screen defaults to the list of vitamins, which appears as a scrolling list on the right side of the screen. Choosing a vitamin changes the information displayed on the screen. Depending on how long the write-up is for a particular option, the main screen automatically allows you to scroll down to view more. This intuitive functionality is what makes Your Vitamin – Mineral Guide so easy to use.

Users are able to toggle between Vitamins and Minerals by using the two tabs at the top of the screen. The layout and design of the Minerals page is identical to that of the Vitamins page. This consistency is another feature of the app which makes it intuitive for users of any level.

Your Vitamin – Mineral Guide would hold more value if it allowed users to share information with other apps on their device, or with other people via e-mail/social networks. There is also no search function or menu options in the app.

Users are left with two static pages to make decisions from–either to choose a vitamin or a mineral to read about. To note, Your Vitamin – Mineral Guide is lacking in multi-media functionality and sharing capabilities.






  • Free


  • Layout and design of pages
  • Seamless transitions between Vitamins and Minerals pages
  • Easy to read and understandable descriptions of vitamins and minerals


  • Lack of sharing functionality
  • Inability to search for a vitamin or mineral
  • Static pages with no option to save or store the information found on your device


  • A helpful tool for general vitamin or mineral information
  • Unclear of the original source of information provided
  • The graphics and design of the app is very well done
  • Users cannot share, store, save, or send information found in the app

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) – 3.75

  1. User Interface – 5
  2. Multimedia usage – 2 (unable to share or save any information; lack of translation to other apps)
  3. Price – 5
  4. Real world applicability – 3 (information seems correct, but original source is unidentifiable. Information should be double checked with a more reputable resource)

Phone used for review: Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S phone)

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