Purpose of App Review

  • to review the breadth of content of the app
  • to review the utility of the app to master the neuro exam


For many of us, the neurologic exam is fraught with trepidation–its components are complex, its findings often nuanced, and to appreciate its full spectrum takes time.

It’s a difficult exam to get done in a short amount of time. The UCSF NeuroExam Tutor medical app seeks to help providers master screening and comprehensive neuro exams.

User Interface

The home screen of the app gives you access to all the features. The toolbar on the left allows you access to the major components of the neuro exam, as well as the ability to get back to the home screen.

2013-06-29 16.50.20

The home screen provides immediate access to the six cases and multiple checklists, as well as the Essential Screening and Comprehensive Screening Tutorials.

2013-06-29 16.29.45

You can watch videos for the screening and comprehensive exams together or by individual components.

2013-06-29 16.29.36 2013-06-29 16.30.27

Upon choosing a neurologic exam component, you are brought to the component’s overview, as well as a list of the component’s main features.

2013-06-29 16.28.24

Each of the features instruct you about the feature/test, how to perform the test, as well as pearls and pitfalls. Each feature also includes a video demonstrating those exam features.

2013-06-29 16.28.50

The cases allow you to go through an interactive patient case. The cases send you through a series of questions, prompting you to localize symptoms, select neuro exam components, identify abnormal findings on a videotaped exam, and decide on the most likely diagnosis.

2013-06-29 16.57.49
2013-06-29 16.58.40

The end of the case discusses the diagnosis and the final screen presents an assessment of your answers. You can also give yourself a checklist for that case.

2013-06-29 16.30.09


  • $19.99


  • use of videos to teach neuro exam components
  • ability to email checklists for various exam components
  • groups neuro exam into essential and comprehensive sections
  • comprehensive breadth of neuro exam features included


  • check lists available only as email
  • cannot unselect answers on cases once chosen
  • limited abnormal findings demonstrated
  • no discussion/inclusion of pediatric-specific exams

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Healthcare providers who utilize the neurologic exam in their patient assessment and management. Particularly relevant to students learning the neuro exam.


  • The UCSF NeuroExam Tutor medical app provides a multifaceted guide to learning the neuro exam.  The app focuses mostly on videos and an explanation of normal physical exam findings, but also provides interactive cases to hone your neuro exam acumen. The app is available for the iPad but not the iPhone.

Availability on Android

  • As of publish, not currently available

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

iTunes Link

Rating: 3.5/5
1. User Interface – 4.  Toolbar present throughout the app.  Easy to navigate from one section to another.
2. Multimedia usage – 4.  Utilizes videos, split-screen, and smooth transitions, as well as occasional diagrams.
3. Price – 3.  In the more expensive range of medical apps at $19.99.
4. Real world applicability – 3.  Most useful when learning elements of the physical exam or when you need a reminder of a neuro exam feature.

App version: 1.0
Compatibility: Compatible with iPad
Requires: Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Tested on: iPad 4

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