One of the more challenging aspects for doctors is getting to grips with complex pharmacology.

TRC Pharmacology or The Teaching Resource Centre Pharmacology Database provides basic pharmacological knowledge such as pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and drug mechanisms in the context of pathophysiology.

There are multiple ways to browse the content in the TRC app. Firstly, one can read it like a traditional book using simple swipe gestures to move between sections. Secondly, one can use the novel user interface. This user interface has a slide down menu which shows exactly where you are in the app and allows you to choose a particular section. There are hyperlinks in the text which jump between relevant sections.

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Thirdly, the search function is incredibly powerful and allows you to search through all the content or specifically for certain drugs. The search function returns more than simple one word results but contains a few lines of content to help you choose the right topic the first time.


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The content is one of the highlights of this app. Each section and drug has a dedicated diagram to help explain the content and a couple of paragraphs of content. The content is well written and easily accessible for a wide range of audiences. There is also a nice feature that lets you copy and paste the text/diagrams if you want to make your own pharmacology notes.

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When you are learning about a specific drug, there are links to various national formularies so you can check the exact dosing/cost. One of the nice additions is multiple choice questions at the end of each article. Although each article only has a couple, it is a nice touch to ensure that readers are retaining all the concepts.

The TRC app is an impressive resource  that is fantastic given the free price. It would be nice to see a history feature or ability to bookmark favorite articles; however, these do not adversely affect what is overall a very useful app.

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  • Free


  • Huge amount of useful content
  • Brilliant graphics
  • User interface with powerful search interface


  • No bookmark/history feature
  • No brand names included

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Internal medicine residents and medical students


  • This comprehensive app is essentially an incredibly powerful free interactive pharmacology textbook for medical students and junior residents.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: 5 / 5 Stars
User Interface -­ 5
Multimedia usage ­- 4
Price ­- 5 ­
Real world applicability -­ 5

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