In December, I wrote an article about Scanadu’s products–the device being described as the real life version of Star Trek’s tricorder.  I was blown away by the combination of Scanadu’s leap forward in self-diagnosing equipment and the projected price of the device.

Apparently, I was not alone.

The Scanadu products are all used with your mobile device. Their use ranges from tracking your vital signs to diagnosing specific diseases based on saliva or urine samples.

Not only are these devices relatively inexpensive and easy to use, Scanadu says that they will be at least as reliable as their currently available clinical counterparts. In addition, the Scanadu app will allow patients to easily connect with their healthcare providers, track their medical data, and schedule appointments as needed.

Scanadu turned to crowdfunding website, Indiegogo, with a goal to raise $100,000. Instead, they set the record for the highest amount ever raised on the site: $1,664,375. For their money, investors will receive a range of packages including simply staying connected to Scanadu, an individual Scouts before they hit stores, and for the single highest investment, 100 Scanadu Scouts (for $16,900). Those that chose to be among the first to receive Scouts only paid $199. Products are estimated to ship in March of 2014.

As the news of the product spread, Scanadu introduced a contest for investors to create greater interest. The investor that had the most referrals would win the first Scanadu Scout produced labeled with the number “1”.

It will certainly be exciting to own this piece of history, not to mention its potential monetary value in the future.

To learn more about the Scout, check out my previous article as well as the Google hangout with Scanadu’s leaders below.

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