There are a multitude of medical apps out on the market today which cater toward new interns and junior doctors to help make sure they don’t forget any key information.

Apps like MD On Call and Drs Toolbag are great apps containing evidence based information which can be a great help for interns new to the wards.

Continuing the theme of point of care tools, Guys and St Thomas’, a London based hospital, has just released a new free app called Patient Safety Manual.

It aims to fill the same area as the aforementioned apps and contains a great amount of useful clinical information.


The app is contains information on a broad range of topics including: Clinical Scores, Fluids, Drugs, Presenting Complaints, Investigations, Referrals, Guidelines and Procedures.


All the information in the app is also available from the home screen as an index. Articles can be saved for easy access using the bookmarking feature.


Selecting a topic is straightforward using simple tap gestures. The content included with each topic is concise, informative and easy to access. Each section is slightly different but usually contains information and features related to that particular topic alongside straightforward management plans.

The content is extremely concise and a useful aide memoire in the middle of the night. Key red flags are covered to ensure that no serious signs or symptoms are missed. I could recognise all the management and information contained as coming from reliable evidence based sources; however, these were not accessible from within the app itself.


The Clinical Scores section is useful as it contains a range of clinical calculators regularly used to assess the status of patients. One of the key ways mobile technology can make this easier is by doing the calculation for the doctor. Unfortunately, this is something the Patient Safety Manual fails to do. Instead it provides a list of all the scoring criteria and a list of the results, though, it does not do the calculation for you.


The Presenting Complaints section is pretty useful. It ensures that no key signs or symptoms are missed.

IMG_5113 IMG_5114


  • Free


  • Wide range of conditions and useful information in a concise format
  • Ability to bookmark articles for regular use
  • Algorithms to help manage challenging situations quickly and effectively
  • Content is concise and informative


  • About button is on the Home screen–would be better if it was hidden as it has no use
  • Clinical Scores are not calculators in and of themselves

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Internal medicine residents and medical students


  • This comprehensive app contains useful guidelines on the management of a range of common conditions

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: 3.75 / 5 Stars
User Interface -­ 3
Multimedia usage ­- 2
Price ­- 5 ­
Real world applicability -­ 4

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