Purpose of App Review

  • How useful is this app in learning basics for the surgery clerkship?


Introduction to Surgery Clerkship is a short ebook created by Dr. David Renton who is an assistant professor in the Department of Surgery at Ohio State University.

The book has ten short sections with video content that teach the basics of the surgery clerkship, such as knot tying, inserting foleys and proper scrubbing technique.


User Interface

This ebook has ten sections that go through skills that are used throughout the surgical clerkship, such as tying knots, different suturing methods, how to scrub into the OR as well as how to insert foleys.

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Each section has a short description of the skill as well as a video tutorial that pops out for a more detailed demonstration of the skill.

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Many medical schools include this information during third year orientations or during the first few days of the surgical clerkship. However, some of these skills, such as knot tying, may take repetition to truly learn. The videos in this ebook can be a great resource to practice these techniques since Dr. Renton goes through each step very thoroughly.

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The one feature this ebook could add is a step by step explanation of the skills with screen captures from the videos to go along with the description. Even though the video tutorials are short, this would allow students to revisit the skills without having to watch the entire video again.

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  • Free


  • Very simple ebook
  • Videos are informative and easy to follow


  • Most of the information in this ebook is within the videos. It could be useful to have more text that explains the steps or a step by step explanation using still images from the videos. This would be useful so users don’t have to re-watch the videos if they don’t want to.

Healthcare workers that would benefit from the app

  • Any medical student that is starting their surgical clerkship


  • This ebook is a good resource to look at prior to starting a surgical clerkship. The ebook includes numerous videos with great demonstrations for common tasks that are performed during a typical rotation. In many instances, these skills are expected to be known prior to starting the clerkship or are taught only once. However, with this ebook students can practice on their own with constant proper instruction.

Android version of this application

  • Not available at the time of this review

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Type of Device used to review app-iPad2
Version of App-first edition

Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 4.6/5

  1.  User Interface: 4.5/5 – Easy to use ebook
  2.  Multimedia usage: 5/5 – Videos have great demonstrations of common tasks performed during the surgical clerkship
  3. Price: 5/5 – Free
  4. Real world applicability: 4/5 – This app can be useful for medical students to use prior to starting their surgical rotation as well as for a reference for tasks such as knot tying and suturing techniques.

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