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It finally happened.  Evernote finally did something the medical community has been begging it to do for years — PDF annotation is here.

I wrote an op-ed piece a few months ago mentioning how badly the medical community wanted Dropbox and Evernote to add PDF annotation.  We love storing our PDF files and medical notes on both services, and having the ability to mark up medical articles in the same app they are stored is tremendous.

Evernote beat Dropbox to this by integrating Skitch into their app in a seamless manner. Skitch is a PDF/image markup app Evernote bought almost two years ago.  It’s surprising how long it took them to integrate Skitch into Evernote in such a seamless manner.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dropbox follow suit within the next few months with similar PDF annotation functionality of its own.

In the below video, I go through how to use Evernote with Skitch to markup PDF files. There are some nuances, but overall it’s a great experience and one that is long overdue.

Video: (login to iMedicalApps to view)

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