Ed Note: Docwise changed its name to DocNews after the publication of this review.

Docwise is a medical app that aggregates new articles from medical journals and medical news sources.  There are similar applications, such as Read by QxMD and Docphin, but with this app, physicians also have the ability to select their favorite medical news sources such as Medscape.

User Interface

When using the app for the first time, the user is asked to select the medical journals they want to stay updated on.

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In addition, there are options that allow the user to select various medical news resources as well as general topics that they may want to stay updated on.

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After choosing the news resources, the main screen shows an aggregation of articles from the selected journals. The articles are sorted by date in a magazine format.

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The abstract of each article can easily be accessed by simply clicking on the title of the article.

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The abstracts open in a new window which gives the user a link to the full-text article. Unfortunately, these can only be seen the first time if the user is connected to the internet.


If the user has access to the full-text articles from a particular journal through the institution they work at, then the app allows the user to directly add their login information to get access to the full-text articles. This only has to be done one time and is very convenient. The app also allows the user to add articles to their reading list or library which allows them to read them later offline.

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Additionally, users can search for specific articles within the aggregated articles. There is also the option to get updates when the free full-text article is available. This is in case the user does not have access to a particular journal. Interestingly, physicians can get CME 2 credit while using this app since it is tracked.

This app is very similar to a few other medical article aggregators that are already available such as Read by QxMD and Docphin.

One major differences between this app and the others already available include the ability to add medical news sources in addition to journals which allows this app to truly be an all in one package.

However, one major feature this app lacks compared to Read by QxMD is the ability to highlight and take notes within articles.


  • Free


  • Ability to save articles to a reading list to read offline
  • The ability to search for articles within the aggregated articles seen in the app
  • One time login to access full-text articles that the user’s institution has subscribed to
  • Option to email and share articles
  • Being able to select general topics in addition to specific journals to aggregate articles


  • Not necessarily a dislike but the app has many features that may go unnoticed at first
  • For example, after clicking on the menu button, clicking on Journals or News will sort the homepage with just articles that fall under that category
  • Also, by clicking on a specific journal, it gives the user a table of contents which can help the user sort through articles faster
  • No option to highlight, or add notes to articles

Healthcare workers that would benefit from the app

  • Any healthcare worker who wants to stay updated on medical journals should use this app.


  • This app is a great all in one stop for staying updated on the latest medical news. The app aggregates articles from medical journals, medical news sources as well as general medical topics. This makes staying up to date very convenient.
  • Compared to other similar apps that are already available, this app allows the users to select medical news sources which is not a feature common to similar apps making it a bit more useful.

Android version of this application

  • Not available at the time of this review

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

iTunes Link

Rating:(1 to 5 stars): 4.8/5

  1. User Interface: 4.5/5 – Great layout and very clean feel. The app has many features that may take getting used to.
  2. Price: 5/5 – This app is free.
  3. Real world applicability: 5/5 -This app can be very useful for physicians to have on their mobile devices as it makes accessing medical articles from various sources very convenient.

Type of Device used to review app–iPad2
Version of App–2.5

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