Purpose of the Review

This is a patient centric review in which we will assess how helpful this app would be to a patient facing a medical procedure.


These days there are myriads of tests and procedures available to patients. As such, patients can sometimes feel as though they are lab rats with little explained to them.

A good physician will always attempt to clear any doubts the patient might have but sometimes these questions occur outside the consultation and the patients can feel at a loss.

Omesoft’s Clinical Test & Procedures app strives to provide information about various medical procedures and tests in a clear and friendly manner.

User Interface

Clinical Tests & Procedures
When Clinical Tests & Procedures launches, we briefly see a splash screen while it finishes loading. After that, we are brought to a general listing of all procedures available and we are given the option to refine our results by tapping on Sort or Search for a specific test. Procedures are bundled into systems such as cardiovascular, neurological, etc.


Each entry contains information on the procedure itself as well as any particular body part where it takes place. The app has a very cool feature allowing patients to learn about the possible reasons for doctors ordering a particular test. The app also advises the patient as to what they should do before the procedure is done as well as after.


The app does have its issues. It tends to crash frequently and you must have an Internet connection available otherwise you are prompted to turn it on…in Chinese.



  • Free


  • Information is clear


  • Requires Internet connection for the app to work


  • Clinical Tests & Procedures is a handy app and might be useful for those patients who always want to know a bit more about their procedure.
  • The frequent crashes are annoying and there are parts of the app that are written in Chinese.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  •  Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 3/5

  • User interface–3
  • Multimedia usage–3
  • Price–3
  • Real world applicability–3