Purpose of App Review

  • How useful is this app in learning topics related to Head and Neck Surgery?


OmnisciENT is an app developed by a board-certified Otolaryngologist. The app’s goal is to allow rapid learning in the area of Otolaryngology through the use of mobile devices.

The paid version of this app contains over 700 questions in flashcard format as well as an additional 69 multiple choice questions (only 5 in the free version). The app claims to use material from hundreds of peer reviewed journals and commonly used Head and Neck surgery textbooks.

User Interface:

The app opens up with a screen that gives the user the option to look at the questions in various ways. The user can look at their flagged questions, questions by category, or the multiple choice questions.

photo (58)
If the user decides to look at the questions by category, they are brought to a screen with a list of categories. Each category contains related questions.

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Each question is in a flashcard format where the question is presented and the user has to think of the answer without any choices. These flashcards can be “flipped” over to see a detailed explanation. Many of the questions also include images and these can be zoomed in on by clicking on them. These questions are meant to be used to learn the material so that the user can later take the multiple choice questions to test their knowledge.

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Each of the answer explanations also comes with a reference. The reference can be opened from the question which directs the user to the article. This is a great feature, especially if the user does not understand the answer even with the explanation. The option is there to gain a better understanding by going directly to the paper the question was derived from.

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The app also has an option to track the user’s progress through the set of questions. This screen shows how many questions have been completed in each category. There is also an option to remove all of the flags as well as reset the progress.

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The app also has a FAQ section which answers many important questions. Unfortunately, there is no contact information in case the user has feedback to give or any other questions that are not directly addressed on the FAQ page. I personally believe that having a contact form for feedback is especially important for question style apps in case users find errors within questions or explanations.

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  • $49.99


  • Very easy to use and great design
  • Extensive explanations for each question
  • References for each answer explanation and direct linking to the referenced article.


  • There is no contact or feedback information form

Healthcare workers that would benefit from the app

  • Students, residents or surgeons who want to learn or test their knowledge on head and neck surgery.


  • This app has over 700 questions related to head and neck surgery so it can be a great resource for those who want to learn about this area. It is especially useful for busy residents and surgeons who can use this app on their mobile device and learn while they have short periods of free time. The app also has lengthy explanations for each question as well as links directly to the peer-reviewed article used to create the question.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

iTunes Link

Android version of this application

  • Not available at the time of this review

Rating: (1 to 5 stars) – 3.75

  1. User Interface -5/5 : Great layout and very easy to use and navigate.
  2. Multimedia usage -4/5: Several of the questions had images that were easy to see and zoom in on if needed
  3. Price – 3.5/5: The app is $49.99 for the full set of questions. Although this may be on the more expensive end of apps, for the number of questions available and the fact that there are references provided for each, this app is well worth it.
  4. Real world applicability– 4/5: This app can be very useful for when students, residents or surgeons are busy and always on the go. It can be useful to use during short breaks to go over a few questions at a time.

Type of Device used to review app iPhone 4
Version of App 1.0

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