Purpose of App Review

  • to review the robustness of the mnemonics included in the app


Regardless of how many times you study a subject, you might forget it. For many of us, there are subjects you can just never, ever remember.

Fortunately, mnemonics organize the material differently, hopefully boosting your memory. The Med Mnemonics Flashcards medical app seeks to provide a one-stop resource for medical mnemonics of all sorts to help learners and practitioners remember important information.

User Interface

The Home screen gives you access to all the data and features of the app. The bottom toolbar gives you the options of Flashcards, Mnemonics, and Favorites sections. The top toolbar tells you where you are at and, if you are in the Mnemonics section, allows you to search the app database.

2013-06-04 21.43.32

Both Flashcards and Mnemonics section are organized by area of medicine, such as obstetrics, surgery, or podiatry.

2013-06-04 21.43.32 2013-06-04 21.43.43

Upon selecting a field or topic in medicine from either the Flashcards or Mnemonics home screen, you are taken to a new menu that further organizes that topic.

2013-06-04 21.46.38

In the Flashcards section, once you have made a selection from the menus, you are taken to the specific flashcards.

2013-06-04 21.46.10

You can navigate between cards in sequential or in a shuffled fashion by selecting shuffle and/or using side-to-side gestures. I am not sure how important this is since numbers are not really assigned to a particular card.

2013-06-08 19.55.36

You can see the opposite side of the card, but selecting Flip at the bottom of the app.

2013-06-04 21.45.38

If you decide to browse the mnemonics, your menu selections eventually bring you to a list of the flashcards.

2013-06-04 21.43.43

You can then select the single-page view of the mnemonic in which you are interested. Unfortunately, you cannot navigate with finger-swiping gestures.

2013-06-04 21.43.53

From the mnemonics section, you can also search the mnemonics (from the Home screen) or save a mnemonic to your favorites (available at the single-page view). The Favorites section is accessible from the Home screen.

2013-06-04 21.45.21 2013-06-04 21.45.18


  • $0.99


  • ability to look at mnemonics as flashcards or as a single page
  • ability to look at mnemonics by subject
  • favorites feature
  • robust collection of mnemonics
  • explanations provided for some of the mnemonics


  • inability to track your progress via quizzing yourself
  • no ability to add your own mnemonics or change those in the app
  • no use of pictures
  • limit swiping gestures and favorites to either Flashcards or Mnemonic sections, without allowing for both
  • inability to save a flashcard for repeat use in that same session or a later session

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Healthcare practitioners and students seeking a helpful strategy to remember difficult material


  • The Med Mnemonics Flashcards medical app provides a robust repository of medical mnemonics. The app allows you to review the mnemonics in flashcard format or single-page format, but does not allow you to change or add to the database for your own needs, which may limit its use over time. The app also does not allow you to track your progress or identify particular cards/concepts as difficult topics. Med Mnemonics Flashcards app is available for the iPad and iPhone as well as the Android platform.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes, for the sheer number of mnemonics available

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Rating: 3.25/5
1. User Interface – 4.  The flashcard portion could be more intuitive. I want to tap on the card and have it flip, not select the button labeled flip.
2. Multimedia usage – 3.  Animation used for flipping of cards. No pictures, videos utilized. Split-screen used for flashcards. Smooth transitions throughout app.
3. Price – 4. $0.99 is pretty affordable.
4. Real world applicability – 2.  Would use when learning new concepts, although inability for user to augment database within app may limit use if your mnemonic is not available. Failure to include “flashcard” pedagogy (track missed flashcards, automatically repeat those you miss more frequently), also limits this app.

App version: 1.2
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Optimized for iPhone 5
Requires: iOS 4.3 or later
Tested on: iPhone 4S

This post does not establish, nor is it intended to establish, a patient physician relationship with anyone. It does not substitute for professional advice, and does not substitute for an in-person evaluation with your healthcare provider. It does not provide the definitive statement on the subject addressed. Before using these apps please consult with your own physician or healthcare provider as to the apps validity and accuracy as this post is not intended to affirm the validity or accuracy of the apps in question. The app(s) mentioned in this post should not be used without discussing the app first with your healthcare provider.