Purpose of the Review

  • To analyze Interactive CT & MRI Anatomy to try to find out if this is a tool that we can use to better understand anatomy.


Anatomy is the identification and description of the structures of living things.

The study of this subject is usually difficult at first due to the amount of information and locations that medical students have to comprehend.

In addition, correlating that knowledge to imaging studies gets harder as we have to identify 3D structures by merely observing two dimensional segments. Interactive CT and MRI Anatomy is an app that tries to bridge that gap. It was developed by Japanese developers LibroScience.

User Interface

On first launch, Interactive CT & MRI Anatomy starts downloading all the CT/MRI images and saves them to the SD card. The app requires about 150MB so this process might take a while depending on your connection. Once the files are downloaded we see the app’s main screen. This main screen, in a clear and friendly manner, leads us through the sections.

Interactive CT & MRI Anatomy

After selecting the section we would like to study we can choose whether to see CTs or MRIs. Various windows are available for this. A total of 258 images of CTs, MRIs and plain X-ray film are included. Other reference images include coronary artery segments defined by the American Heart Association(AHA), pulmonary segments, and liver segments (according to Couinaud classification). All images have very good quality that we can zoom in and out on. Within the image view, we can also toggle labels on or off.

The app also has 2 quiz modes. On Quiz Mode type 1 we tap on the screen that corresponds to an anatomical term displayed. On Quiz mode type 2 we have to tap on the proper anatomical term for the part that is marked.



  • Lite version for free
  • Full version for $21,57


  • Really nice user interface
  • Good images


  • Doesn’t display that well on smaller screens


  • Interactive CT and MRI Anatomy is a good app to learn and even review some basic anatomy. Being able to correlate anatomical knowledge with imaging studies is a key skill for physicians and students.
  • Overall this is a good app.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

Google Play Store Link

Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 3.5/5

  • User interface – 4
  • Multimedia usage – 4
  • Price – 3
  • Real world applicability -3