One of the ways that mobile technology is revolutionizing the way doctors access and review medical literature is by ‘smart’ searching.

There are now apps like QxMD’s Read which aims to bring you the articles of interest to your specialty.

This new approach to staying on top of medical literature opens up the potential for exciting developments.

One such development is the creation of a digital journal-esque magazine called Orthopaedics Insights which is presented in a manner similar to Flipboard.

This app aims to collate all the important recent developments in orthopedics and present them in a simple easy to read fashion. This free app is split into sections and provides the latest information in each of those areas. This includes the latest articles in leading print journals, videos, AO Traumaline, news, audio podcasts, online first articles, images, and clinical trials updates, as well as society news.


The default section is general orthopedics but it is simple enough to select articles from a huge range of predefined topics. Insights is powered by proprietary search algorithms which aggregate medical information from multiple online resources ensuring that the best quality content is always available. Furthermore, there are additional features which make accessing and reading content simple.



There are built-in reading lists from orthopedic journal clubs, the ability to bookmark interesting articles for later reading offline, lots of export options to share relevant articles, as well as a powerful search feature if the predefined topics are not comprehensive enough.




Once you select a predefined topic it expands to show additional options within each area. This includes other useful information like Guidelines, Case Reports, Cochrane Reviews as well as more traditional PubMed results.




There are two really impressive features of this app. Firstly, the user interface is second to none. It is easy to use with simple swipe gestures to change between pages and it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into the overall design.

Secondly, the content curation using the predefined topics allows surgeons to really maximize their time spent staying up to date. Using Insights, it is conceivable that an orthopedic surgeon would not need to consult a regular journal again.




  • Free


  • Curated content which is directly useful, targeted and up to date
  • Excellent easy to read user interface
  • Automatically updates


  • No way to link institutional subscription to app to read full text articles without using the built-in browser


  • Insights Orthopaedics is an essential download for anyone involved in Orthopedics from attending to medical student. It is currently not available on the iPhone or Android platform.

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