Critical Care is one of the specialties that relies on an intimate knowledge of human physiology in the face of pathology and disease.

Until now there has not been any particularly good intensive care reference apps. ICU Notes is a critical care reference aimed at all clinicians and healthcare professionals working in an intensive care environment as well as acute medical and surgical wards.

It is designed to be used as a pocket guide to improve knowledge and understanding of critical care concepts as well as help formulate diagnoses and management plans for critically ill patients.

ICU Notes is a free app whose depth and completeness may not immediately appear obvious upon launching the app.

There are four modules that cover all theoretical and practical aspects of critical care. They are broken down into:

  • Basic Critical Care
  • Diagnoses & Causes
  • Management
  • Management Algorithms


Finding an article to read is usually straightforward using the simple menu system. There is considerable use of acronyms and sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly what you want; however, the content provided is plentiful and covers a wide range of topics. The actual articles themselves are concise, well written and easy to understand. They are also supplemented with copious amounts of illustrations.



IMG_4699Longer articles contain hyperlinks that jump to various sections in each article.


An additional useful feature is the search function which also acts as an alphabetical index for locating specific articles.

It would be nice to see some simple improvements to the basic user interface that most users expect to see with handbook apps. This includes a History function to review previously read articles and an ability to bookmark articles for later reading. The final improvement would be to remove the “whitespace” that appears at the bottom of the screen and doesn’t appear to serve any purpose.


  • Free


  • Concise reference style notes on a wide range of critical care topics
  • Management algorithms


  • No history/bookmark feature
  • Odd “white space” at bottom of screen when reading an article


  • ICU Notes is recommended for any healthcare professional who works in a critical care environment due to its comprehensive yet concise nature.

iMedicalApps Recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 3 stars
User Interface: 2
Multimedia usage:2
Price: 5
Real world applicability: 4

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