By: Iltifat Husain MD & Satish Misra MD

It’s been more than two years since the editors at iMedicalApps went through the medical apps available for iOS and found the best medical apps Physicians and other healthcare providers should download onto their iPhone. During that time the face of the App Store has changed, along with the phone itself.


The following list was compiled by the Editor-in-chief and Managing Editors of iMedicalApps. The editors individually searched through the iTunes store (desktop) and App Store (iOS) in the free medical apps category and compiled their top medical apps list. Key features looked at were quality of content, real world applicability, and user interface.

The remaining editors at iMedicalApps were able to view the compiled lists in their entirety, and were given the opportunity to add other apps. The Editor in Chief and Managing Editor only included apps unanimously agreed upon.

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Medical Literature Curation

Read by QxMD & Docphin

Speaking of game changers. Imagine being able to read your favorite medical journals on your phone, but doing so in a magazine format. Imagine having an application that automatically updates a feed with your latest journal articles, provides easy, one click viewing of the PDF files, and will even store them. Imagine not having to login to your institutions portal repeatedly to view your favorite journal articles.

Now stop imagining because there are now apps doing this. Read by QxMD and Docphin offer this functionality. They have quickly become favorites and must haves. In our videos of each, we show you how to set up the app, and explain why one of them is the clear favorite for the iPhone.

We guarantee reading journal articles on your iPhone will never be the same.

Read: Personalized Medical Journal 

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