Purpose of the App Review:

1) Is the app really more convenient than writing out a note?
2) What other features in this app help you save time?
3) Can you track the written notes?

A doctor’s note is the cherry on top of an office visit.

Though it doesn’t take long, it’s the last piece of paperwork we need to do for our patients in a clinical encounter. While it isn’t painful, by this point you’re ready to be done (with the paperwork, not the patient of course).

Doctor’s Note is an app that helps practitioners quickly create a return to school or work note for your patient.

Additionally, it helps you keep track of all of the notes written by saving them to your device and iTunes account.

User Interface:

The app opens for new users with options to add the user’s office/practice information and to add a signature.

Creating a signature within the app is very simple (and fun).

After the initial setup is complete, the app opens to options to create doctor’s notes.