Social media has blossomed recently as a repository for professionals to share ideas and thoughts. Many healthcare professionals follow journals, key individuals in their fields, and general users for the information they put out.

Often, these sources of information may take precedent over searching for information in the general news. In a way, this curated version of information is becoming very popular. With this in mind, now academics and others are considering how to use this information for research and writing purposes.

How does one cite a tweet, blog, or Youtube?

There has been a fair share of attention given to this. For instance, The Atlantic ran an article on it, and the education technology blog Edudemic has recently released an article as well. TeachBytes also created a great table (as seen below) to help users cite social media in APA and MLA style.

Social Media Citation Table

The one thing that this still does not answer and I have not found an answer for is how to cite Chain-Posts. This includes when a post (e.g. Tweet) runs over the word limit and has two or more parts. Do you cite both of then? The other issue, is how to cite a conversation, such as a TweetChat.

Let me know your thoughts or answers!