Purpose of the App Review:

1) What content is covered in this app?
2) Are there a wide variety of questions?
3) Does the app include EKGs, ultrasounds or utilize multimedia resources to help the user learn?

Cardiology is certainly one of the most difficult subjects in medicine to master. Since it is so essential for medical professionals to know, students are heavily tested over cardiology.

Cardiology Flashcards Extra is a simple flashcard app that aims to help students and working healthcare professionals learn or refresh cardiology knowledge.

User Interface:

The app opens with a choice of 8 sections covering various parts of cardiology: abbreviations, doppler (echocardiography), EKG, pathophysiology, anatomy-physiology, drugs, circulation, and hyperlipidemia.

Each section includes several flashcards; the user can simply tap the grey box to see the answer and press forward for the next flashcard.


The flashcards sometimes provide insufficient answers.

Some of the questions are quite easy.

Some are significantly more difficult.

Some flashcards simply do not make any sense:

This app has sections over doppler and EKG but there are no actual images or videos in the app.

Additionally, this app does not allow the user to mark flashcards, it is not searchable in case a user can’t find a flashcard they saw earlier and would like to revisit, and this app includes no references.


  • $4.99


  • None


  • There is no way to randomize the flashcards to quiz yourself over all of the content
  • The EKG section has 7 flashcards over random EKG facts – there are no sample EKGs
  • Some of the flashcards don’t give the user enough information to answer the question
  • There are no references
  • The ultrasound section, much like the EKG section, does not have any actual ultrasounds
  • The “answer” side of the flashcards often are incomplete
  • The level of difficulty of  the questions varies widely – I assume this is so the content will be applicable to all health professionals; however, nurses, PTs, physicians, respiratory therapists, etc are not trained the same nor are they tested at the same level of difficulty – who is this app for?

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app:

  • No one


  • Cardiology Flashcards Extra is an app that has flashcards in 8 areas of cardiology
  • The flashcards can be confusing, sometimes it’s hard to understand what the developers are asking
  • In the description of the app on the iTunes website, this app is marketed towards physicians, nurses, med students, nursing students, etc. The flashcards vary greatly over the level of difficulty of questions they ask. To me, this means all users who purchase this app will be wasting some amount of time on reviewing information that is either too easy or information that is outside the scope of their profession
  • There is an EKG section and an ultrasound (echocardiography) section; however, this app does not contain any video or images of EKGs or ultrasounds
  • The app does not allow users to mark certain flashcards, randomize the flashcards to review or quiz, nor is the app searchable
  • There are no references and citations

iTunes Link

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • No

Available on Google Play Android Market?

  • As of publish, this app is not available on the Android Market.

Overall: 1.5/5 Stars
User Interface:  2/5 Stars. Simple, easy to use. Not searchable. App does not have a way to randomize flashcards so the user can quiz/review.
Multimedia Coverage: 1/5 Stars. There are EKG and ultrasound (echocardiography) flashcard sections in the app – but no actual videos or images.
Price: 1/5 Stars. This app currently costs $4.99. The content is all over the place and the app is not convenient for the user.
Real World Applicability: 2/5 Stars. This app could be used to review sometimes, but it is not a reference app that would be used on a daily or weekly basis.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad (compatible), iPod Touch (3rd generation and later)
Requires: iOS 6.1 or later
Version: 1.0
Tested on: iPhone 4S

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