Purpose of App Review

To explore Your Toddler HD’s utility in aiding parents in child care


Parenting can be a very stressful full-time job. From nutrition, to toilet training, to possible serious disease, many concerns cross parents’ minds constantly. The app is presented by general practitioner and media presenter Dr. Hilary Jones.

Your Toddler HD is an iPad app that aims to provide general advice to parents to make caring for toddlers a little easier.

User Interface

The app provides advice from Dr. Jones on a number of topics pertaining to the toddler in video form. This is supplemented with a text transcription of each video. The topics covered are quite wide ranging, including the areas of prevention, health monitoring, general concerns (such as crying and behavior problems) and more serious medical issues.


The videos on each topic average out to be several minutes in length and are fairly informative. They are presented in layman terms in order to reach the widest audience of parents possible.


Narratives are transcribed word-for-word, and also include important figures such as the UK vaccination schedule for reference (most of the general advice is applicable to children around the world). While nice to have a complete text transcription, adding a recap of the key points at the end of each section would have made for easier browsing.



Overall, Your Toddler HD provides a good collection of general advice on parenting. The app does make it clear that it is not a substitute for proper medical consultation. As a reference, however, it succeeds in effectively delivering general advice. Users should always bear in mind that it cannot replace proper medical advice.


  • $3.99­


  • Simple language reaches a wide audience
  • Informative videos and textual transcriptions


  • A quick recap of the text would make for quicker browsing

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Parents, family practice physicians and residents, pediatricians physicians and residents, nurses


  • Your Toddler HD provides general advice on common parenting issues.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 4.25 stars
User Interface: 4–Attractive and functional
Multimedia usage: 5–Great narrated videos
Price: 3–Appropriate
Real world applicability: 5–Very helpful for parents

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