Purpose of the Review

In this review we will try to assess the value of the S.O.S. by American Red Cross app in aiding an emergency. We want to find out if this app is useful to patients.


The American Red Cross has teamed up with Dr. Oz and Sharecare to create an emergency care application.

S.O.S. provides step-by-step instructions on dealing with a variety of emergencies. This includes choking, broken bones, strokes, allergic reactions and more. Emergency care protocols were developed and reviewed by medical and educational panels from both the American Red Cross and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

Let’s dive in and check out the app.

User Interface

As we launch the app, we see a splash screen warning us that the information contained within does not replace medical care, a disclaimer that is not too often present on all medical apps. The main screen has a list of various conditions listed as Quick Care information where we can find how to deal with common emergency scenarios and really weird ones such as when hiccups are considered to be dangerous.

These Quick Care factoids are there to help you stay ahead of the curve before an emergency strikes.

SOS by the American Red CrossQuick Care

Swiping downwards gives us access to the quick launch buttons and from there we can go to the different sections. There is an Emergency Guide that includes a questionnaire algorithm to help patients determine the severity of the situation and find proper treatment. All entries of the Emergency Guide contain explanatory videos. Questions like, “How do I care for someone with a head, neck or spinal injury?” are used as guiding tools.

Emergency Guide Emergency Guide
Easy access to emergency numbers are available regardless of the country where you are located. If you’re outside the US, the app will determine the country you’re in and dial the appropriate emergency number. Alerts from the Red Cross make it easy to help out in the case of a major disaster. Finally, all videos can be accessed through the Videos section for quick and easy review.

Video section


  • Free


  • The use of videos is great
  • Information is clear and easy to understand
  • Emergency numbers are automatically determined by the app


  • User interface is friendly but not very intuitive (drop down tab is not as obvious as it should be)


  • S.O.S. by the American Red Cross is an excellent app for your patients. It can provide quick advice during an emergency situation in a clear and concise manner. Videos are a great way to explain techniques and common practices.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  •  Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 4/5

  • User interface – 3
  • Multimedia usage – 5
  • Price – 5
  • Real world applicability -4