We have highlighted Podmedics, brainchild of UK doctor/developer Ed Wallitt, back in 2012 when they launched the first iBook for physicians.

Currently, Podmedics has helped to further develop their core market–which is providing podcasts for residents and medical students–by releasing a dedicated iPad and iPhone app. Previously, access was limited to internet browsers. This was not always practical on a small mobile device.

Read on to see how the native app stands up.




Launching the free Podmedics app presents the user with a login screen which can only be accessed if you have a subscription. Once logged in, you are presented with a list of all specialties presented in two columns. There is a screenshot of each podcast along with a simple descriptive title.


Tapping on a podcast brings you to a launch screen which has a few more details about the specific podcast. The quality of the podcasts is second to none and aimed at residents and medical students. There is a wide range available and they cover a huge number of specialties.


Users can either browse through the list of all the podcasts or filter the options by specialty. The menu is very clearly designed and the individual specialty icons are a nice touch. It was easy to separate out the podcasts and find the desired podcast.


The actual podcasts are very useful and range from 10-30 minutes long. They are great to listen to at the gym or in bed. They stream quickly over 3G and can also be downloaded for offline viewing (which is very useful). The video playback menu utilizes the rewind 30 seconds button which, again, is useful to quickly repeat key points.


Downloaded videos can be accessed in the Favorites folder.


There are only one or two drawbacks with this excellent app. I would have liked to see more details in the description of each podcast. This would include information on the length of the podcast and the size of it, especially if I am considering downloading the podcast over 3G.

I would also appreciate the ability to search the podcasts available in an alphabetical list. However, these are all minor grievances. On the whole, the user interface is very clean and simple to use. 


  • The app is free; however, you need a subscription which is currently £30 a year


  • Ability to stream and download podcasts for offline viewing
  • Clean user interface which is incredibly simple to use
  • Well thought out design and structure to make accessing podcasts simple


  • Would like to have the ability to search/browse podcasts alphabetically
  • More detailed descriptions of each podcast


  • Podmedics have come up trumps with this app which makes accessing their content easy and straightforward. An essential download for any Podmedics subscribers and worth a look for any resident or student wanting a decent source of podcasts

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 4 stars
User Interface: 4
Multimedia usage: 5
Price: 3
Real world applicability: 5

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