Tube Feeding Calculator +

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My take: You should have a nutritionist that can help with this, but as with the aforementioned app, you should have the ability to calculate calories and such on your own.

iTunes Description: Tube Feeding Calculator provides instant calculations of calories, protein, free water and total volume in over 25 popular tube feeding formulas (continuous up to 99mL/hr and bolus feeds). Save time and order rates with confidence by using this simple program.

Cost: $1.99

First Aid UTA

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My take: Would have been great if this app was for free, as it could have provided a great public health service — but understandable that it’s not. A quick and easy app if you’re in Australia and need to stay up to date with immediate results.

iTunes Description: This app gives you all information about First Aid in Australia including CPR demonstration and all relevant information. This app provides latest guidelines from Australian Resuscitation Council and includes demonstration videos, relevant pictures and documents. It is a comprehensive first aid guide but does not replace a formal qualification.

Cost: $3.99


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My take: End of life care discussions are always difficult to have.  The folks at Hospice of Palm Beach Country are trying to make the referral process easier by introducing mobility.

iTunes Description: This hospice app provides a convenient way for healthcare providers to refer patients to the Hospice of Palm Beach County. The app also provides information about clinical services of the Hospice of Palm Beach County. Healthcare providers will find guidelines on hospice eligibility and reimbursement. Referrals submitted through the app will be received by the Hospice of Palm Beach County’s Intake Department for expedient follow-up. All patient information received through the referral form will be managed with HIPAA compliance.

Cost: Free