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My take: This app falls into the category of, “I’m shocked no one thought of this earlier”.  Not only does this app enable you to take a picture of various images, but it enables you to mark out patient information — essential if you were to use the pictures you capture for presentation or sharing amongst colleagues.

iTunes Description: MediMarker is the simplest way to snap a picture of your patient’s x-ray, lesion, or other study and annotate it. Shoot a photo of an X-ray, pan with a two finger drag and zoom by pinching the area in question. Mark on it using your finger which acts as a black pen. Black out the patient name to maintain HIPAA compliance. Add a text label. Touch Save and the displayed image is added to your device’s iPhoto library.

Cost: $0.99

Plan to publish

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My take: If you’re thinking of publishing, a good app to check out.

iTunes Description: Practical support for healthcare and other professionals planning to write and publish a clinical paper. This intuitive App allows you to create your own notes for each step in the publication process for multiple projects whilst ensuring you have access to all the relevant guidelines at your fingertips. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Cost: Free

MV Starat

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My take: If you’re taking care of critically ill patients, you’re sure to have a respiratory therapist to help you with vent settings — however, you should be able to manipulate the settings on your own as well. This app helps with that.

iTunes Description: The MV Start app assists in the calculation of tidal volume to be administered to patients undergoing mechanical ventilation.

Cost: $1.99