By: Pooja Jaeel

In understaffed, low resource clinics in the developing world, a new Health eVillages app is improving medical care in the form of medical information. The 18 month old app uses the resources already available through Skyscape, a widely used app by over 2 million physicians across the United States.

Skyscape not only provides up-to-date medical information but it also provides tools to efficiently distribute drugs, track medical trials and calculate dosages. All in all, this is a comprehensive tool for practicing physicians everywhere.

Health eVillages uses the resource pool of Skyscape and combines it with the analytical ability of it’s own personnel. Whenever Health eVillages partners with a site, it assess the most common disease pathologies, drug demands, and provider competency levels. Using this information, the team puts together a package of all of Skyscape’s most relevant resources for the specific site in question. In essence, Health eVillages customizes its resources for it’s user and patient base.

Here is a video of Health eVillages in action.

With pilot sites set up in Kenya, Uganda and Haiti, this medical app has already made a difference. Program manager Matthew Linder cites an example of a woman who was trying to insert an IV into a swollen baby. The Skyscape diagram of infant IV locations allowed her to successfully do the job.

The feasibility of providing sites that often lack electricity, light, or technological experience with iPods and iPads has been brought up. The Health eVillages team has a point person near every test site who acts like their local tech support. Additionally, crucial textbook resources are fully downloaded so the providers can access them without an internet connection.

Broken or damaged equipment is swapped out by team members traveling to and from the US. It will be interesting to see how the team provides technology education to their partner sites as this valuable app spreads to an increased number of locations in the US and abroad.

Source: Coexist