Purpose of the Review

  • Is Glucose Buddy useful to patients?
  • Should physicians recommend its use?


Management of chronic diseases like diabetes rely on our patient’s ability to stay on top of their treatment and for them to have rigorous discipline. Logbooks are often useful to guarantee proper tracking and provide more reliable data. Glucose Buddy is a data storage utility for people with diabetes and has been a featured article in the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Forecast Magazine, NY Times, Wired Magazine and Diabetes Health Magazine among others.

Previously at iMedicalApps we did a review on the iOS version of Glucose Buddy and now the Android counterpart has its turn.

User Interface

The Glucose Buddy dashboard is comprised of a series of icons for each feature the program has.

Glucose Buddy

Users can utilize this application to log their Blood Glucose, Meals, Insulin Dosages and A1C levels as well as Blood Pressure and Weight.

My InfoTapping the My Info icon allows the user to input  personal information. An interesting feature is that users can record the type of BP cuff and SMBG monitoring device.

Body fatUsers can also record what activities they doing during the day and when the information was obtained (e.g. before breakfast, after lunch).

Adding data

The graph displays the trends over the course of data entered. This allows the user and caregiver to easily visualize sugar levels. Data can be emailed to the patient’s provider for up-to-date BG control.


  • Free


  • The user interface is simple and easy to understand
  • Measurements can have variety of annotations
  • Has reminder options


  • Parts of the app use SI (kg/cm) while others use US (lb/ft-inch) regardless of the settings


  • This is a very thorough app and will allow patients to enter vital information. The fact that users can add reminder alarms is great as elderly patients can schedule measurements and annotations.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  •  Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 4/5

  • User interface – 4
  • Multimedia usage – 3
  • Price – 3
  • Real world applicability -4

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