Purpose of the App Review

1) How is the CME issued? Do I have to take a test?
2) Does the CME cost money or are there any in-app purchases?
3) Is the eTextbook peer reviewed? Can I trust it?


iMedicalApps has long sung the praises of Projects in Knowledge and their Living Medical Textbooks series. Now, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease has a Living Medical Textbook. Like the others, they offer continuing medical education and peer-edited content that is updated constantly. The Living Medical Textbooks were created to help health professionals on the go learn at their own pace.

COPD is a medical app that was produced by Projects in Knowledge but was funded by a grant from Forest Laboratories, Inc.

User Interface

The app opens to the table of contents. This Living Medical Textbook includes six chapters.

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When a user advances to a chapter, a brief description of how much CME credit will be earned and information about how to retrieve CME certificates is displayed.

2013-04-04 17.10.18

Each chapter is preceded by a pretest. The pretest is not required to receive CME and can be skipped.

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The actual content of the chapter is very easy to understand. Also, the figures and layout of the chapter were designed to be viewed on a phone, which is very convenient.

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To earn credit, the user must complete and pass the posttest and complete a survey. The survey only takes a few minutes but the app will not advance if it is not completed.

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The CME Tracker tab will keep a tally of the CME you’ve earned on the app.

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  • Free


  • Free CME credit conveniently earned on your phone or tablet
  • Excellent, peer-reviewed, up-to-date content
  • App is downloaded (not web-based) so users can use the app in areas with little phone coverage or wifi
  • Although the app was developed through a grant from Forest Laboratories, it does not seem as though the content in skewed


  • The user must complete a 14 question survey at the end of each module (only takes a few minutes, but is an inconvenience)

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Family Physicians
  • Internists
  • Pulmonologists
  • Medical Students


  • COPD is a free iOS medical app produced by Projects in Knowledge and is part of the Living Medical Textbooks series
  • There are six chapters included in the app covering different aspects of COPD
  • Each chapter offers an opportunity to get continuing medical education
  • To receive CME, the user must take a posttest after going through the chapter
  • The app has a CME tracker so that the user knows what they have completed
  • The app can also print the certificate of completion so the user can get CME credit
  • The content is peer reviewed by pulmonologists, internists and family practitioners
  • This app was funded through a grant from Forest Laboratories, Inc.
  • This app is currently not available on the Android platform.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Overall: 4.75/5 Stars
User Interface:  5/5 Stars. Simple app. Easy to use. The table of content is easy to navigate. The app even includes a CME tracker and a printing option for CME certificates.
Multimedia Coverage: 4/5 Stars. The eTextbooks include a lot of figures but they do not utilize animations or interactive features. Still, the app is a very effective learning tool.
Price: 5/5 Stars. Free.
Real World Applicability: 5/5 Stars. This app is not only a reference app but also provides CME credit. This app can very likely be used daily.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad (compatible), iPod Touch (3rd generation and later)
Requires: iOS 4.3 or later
Tested on: iPhone 4S