Box is positioning themselves to be a leader in the cloud storage healthcare market with 10 new application partners.

Their position in the healthcare market is strengthened by the fact that they are now HIPAA and HITECH compliant and willing to sign Business Associate Agreements.

These agreements essentially allow healthcare providers to include Box in the group that is allowed to see healthcare information under HIPAA.

On top of their compliance with healthcare privacy laws, business partners can build their own applications using the Box API. Using the Box Innovation Network (/bin), developers have access to resources that help them leverage the API to customize their own innovative apps.

In the past year, Box has gained customers in Henry Ford Health System, Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions, and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. In this latest push, they have partnered with 10 businesses involved in diverse healthcare applications. These areas include clinical documentation, care coordination, interoperability, and access to care. The list of business partners is drchrono, Umbie DentalCare, TigerText, Doximity, Medigram, PostureScreen Mobile, iMedViewer, iPaxera, Medi-Copy, and Healthtap.

Box is a cloud storage service with an established API. With their new efforts in healthcare, it will be interesting to see how the healthcare industry accepts them. As healthcare is rapidly becoming more connected, it certainly seems like developers will jump on the opportunity to work with Box.

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