Purpose of App Review

To detail a Skyscape add-on for cardiology professionals.


To use ACC Pocket Guides, users must first have the Skyscape Medical Resources app. The ACC app downloads to the Skyscape environment for access and use.

The ACC (American College of Cardiology) Foundation developed this resource set. It consists of practice guidelines, tools such as the Transthoracic and Transesophageal Echocardiography (TTE/TEE) Appropriateness Criteria Tool, and other echocardiography decision support applications. ACC is meant for clinicians and for use in the clinical setting at the point of care.

It can be used as either a quick reference tool or a decision support resource for users.

The guidelines found in the app are from the American College of Cardiology, making them reputable and sufficient in regard to evidence based practice. Clinicians can feel safe knowing that the information found in the ACC app is authoritative, vetted, and accurate.

User Interface

Upon downloading ACC Pocket Guides from the Google Play store, users are routed to the Skyscape interface to download the content of this app to the interface. All usability is then performed in the Skyscape app itself.

Downloading ACC content is quick and easy as long as users are prepared with their Skyscape login information and already have the app downloaded to their device. If not, they will need to first get Skyscape, then ACC from Google Play in order to access the tools and guidelines provided.

This process may seem a bit daunting for some users, especially those not familiar with the Skyspace environment as an informational hub of a slew of different content from varying resources and applications.

Nonetheless, for those users comfortable with Skyscape and it’s functionality, downloading and accessing ACC Pocket Guides is a breeze. It’s actually quite convenient that it operates within Skyscape as mainly clinicians use Skyscape to house all of their heavily used tools, resources, and references.

For more information on Skyscape as an Android platform for delivering third-party content, click here.

ACC in skyscape






  • Free


  • Operates within Skyscape (this is a “like” for users familiar with the Skyscape platform)
  • Developer transparency and strong authority within the target population
  • Quick redirects for downloading to Skyscape
  • Easily apparent how to access content


  • Operates within Skyscape (this is a “dislike” for users that are unfamiliar with the Skyscape platform)


  • Quick reference tool for clinicians at the point of care
  • Contains guidelines, top tools, and other resources used by cardiologists and those related to this field
  • Successful and intuitive interface by operating off of Skyscape

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

Google Play ACC Pocket Guides Link
Google Play Skyscape Add On Link

Rating: (1 to 5 stars) – 4.5

  1. User Interface – 5
  2. Multimedia usage – 3
  3. Price – 5
  4. Real world applicability – 5

Phone used for review: Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S phone)

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