Purpose of the App Review:

1) Does the app cover which dressings are best for certain wound sites and certain types of wounds?
2) Does the app suggest sizes and application instructions for certain dressings?
3) Is the app helpful for health professionals who are not well-versed in wound care management and dressings?


Wound care management has changed a lot, especially in the past 20 years. There is now such a wide variety of dressings–ones with silver, silicon, antibiotics and much more. Thus, each wound needs special consideration when choosing a dressing.

Wound Care is a simple app that is a wound care dressing guide. The app was produced so that people who manage wounds can quickly compare different dressings.

User Interface:

The app opens with a figure of a body. The user can click certain parts of the body to see which types of dressing would be most appropriate.



When a user chooses a certain area of the body, the app will make suggestions for which type of dressing to use. There are also filters that help narrow the results depending on the wound’s depth, location and whether it is wet or not.

When a specific type of dressing is chosen, the app will give some information about the dressing. The information includes areas of the body and indications of use. There is also a picture of what the dressing should look like.

The app also provides general descriptions of types of dressings.



  • Free


  • Includes a wide variety of dressings
  • Breaks down wound type by location on body, depth of wound, or whether the wound is wet or dry
  • The app has search function
  • The app will suggest which size dressing to use depending on the location of the wound
  • Includes pictures of the dressing
  • The app is not industry sponsored (or at least there are not any disclosures)


  • App does not include application instructions
  • Would be great if the app included special considerations for certain dressings (i.e. warning the user that certain adhesives can cause this skin to slough)

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app:

  • Internists
  • Surgeons
  • Wound care nurses
  • Physical therapists


  • Would Care is an app that is a guide for different wound care dressings. The app suggests dressings depending on location, depth and type of wound.
  • When the user clicks on a specific dressing, a brief description of what the dressings are designed for, a picture of what the dressing looks like and a list of the sizes the dressing comes in. It is a very simple app and great for quick references.
  • Overall, the app does a great job of suggesting dressings, especially for healthcare professionals who do not deal with woundcare dressings often. The app could be improved if the developers added application instructions. This app is currently not available for the Android platform.

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iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

Overall: 4.25/5 Stars
User Interface:  4/5 Stars. Simple app. Easy to use.
Multimedia Coverage: 3/5 Stars. If the app included instructional videos of how to apply dressings, it would be helpful.
Price: 5/5 Stars. This app is currently free.
Real World Applicability: 5/5 Stars. This app is a reference/education app but can certainly be used daily by providers who regularly manage wounds.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad (compatible), iPod Touch (3rd generation and later)
Requires: iOS 6.0 or later, optimized for the iPhone 5