App Reviewed: Omnio (Ver. 1.3.2)

Goals of Review:

  • To determine how similar Omnio is to Skyscape’s current mobile app
  • Ascertain usability of Omnio for daily practice as a mobile reference source


To many healthcare professionals, Skyscape offers a great package of free and premium mobile based tools in one app. These features range from drug information, medical calculators, news sources, and content from 50+ medical publishers.

However, one drawback to their app is that while it serves as a great portal to other content, it never really took advantage of the iPad’s features or felt like a personalized app for my utilization. Skyscape has now come out with Omnio, which was their answer to creating a new way to experience the various resources they offer.

User Interface:

Please see the video for Omnio in action:

Omnio opens up with a simple home screen. Here it is possible to save articles and references that a user will find beneficial.

Photo Mar 20, 11 25 15 PM
A nice feature of Omnio over Skyscape is that it is customizable, with the ability to move references around. It also allows ‘tagging’ features to search later by personal organization.

Photo Mar 20, 11 25 56 PM

A search feature is also present to look up topics from the different references available and through articles tagged.

Photo Mar 20, 11 26 10 PM

References can also be purchased from the store, where there are both free and premium references.

Photo Mar 20, 11 25 43 PM


  • Free (requires free account with Skyscape)
  • In-app purchases for more clinical references


  • Multiple ways to personalize the app for use (e.g. bookmarking and tagging system)
  • Great resources; both free and premium options that enable clinicians to have access to quick clinical references such as news, drug reference, medical calculators, clinical guidelines(e.g. ACC & NCCN), and evidence-based sources (e.g. Dynamed)


  • No ability to switch to landscape view
  • Some bugs are still present in navigation of the app and can be slow to respond at times
  • Features are not self-evident at first and takes some playing to discover, such as tagging articles for later reference
  • No real integration of social media to share with others. While not all information may be sharable (such as premium content), MedAlerts or news may be viable for later integration.

Healthcare providers that would benefit from app:

  • Healthcare professionals


  • Omnio is a great innovative way to utilize the reliable information available via Skyscape on the iPad.
  • Pros – App has multiple ways to personalize the information for reference.
  • Cons – App still has bugs with navigation and some features may not be evident upon initial use.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating:  4.5/5
1. User Interface – 5
2. Multimedia usage – 3
3. Price – 5
4. Real world applicability – 5

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App Review Specifics:
Last Update: March 21, 2013
Operating System: iOS 5.0 or later (iPad only)
Device Reviewed: iPad 2


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