Simplee is an online service that helps patients with the management of their healthcare finances.

It has been called the “ for healthcare expenses.”

The service allows patients to track visits, monitor benefits, and track bills. Patients can access the service through a web browser, iPad app, or iPhone app.

This year, Simplee introduced a business-to-business service for hospitals that allows them to introduce digital billing among other features. The service is intended to allow hospitals to increase efficiency while providing new services.

This month, Simplee took it a step further with SimpleePAY. The service extends the medical wallet to patients, so that they can be billed and make payments. SimpleePAY includes digital bills that are interactive and contain explanations that the average patient can understand. It is capable of multiple payment options, cost estimates of upcoming procedures, and loyalty rewards for patients.

Due to the complicated and ever-changing nature of healthcare finances, many, if not most, patients are left confused about their costs even after they have been paid. Simplee has stepped into the space between providers and patients. It helps providers to decrease costs and improve patient satisfaction. It empowers patients by allowing them to understand and manage their costs in a way they were never able to before.

Source: Simplee, Tech Crunch